June 2019

Today, on June 28, a two-day internship for municipal employees at the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan was completed. During the internship, students were given lectures and practical classes where the following key issues were discussed: municipal property accounting, interaction with the appraisal community and examination of municipal property appraisal reports, municipal property management and transition to its implementation in electronic form, territorial planning development of land relations in the municipality, increasing the efficiency of management of municipal unitary enterprises and joint stock companies you with a share of the municipal formation in the authorized capital, the activities in the field of cadastral relations.

Following the results, students were handed documents of the established sample on the passage of a short-term internship at the Higher School of State and Municipal Administration of Kazan Federal University.

Today, on June 28, the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of KAMAZ PJSC was held in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The meeting reviewed the results of the company's activities in 2018. The annual report and annual financial statements of PJSC KAMAZ for 2018, new editions of the company's internal documents were submitted for approval.

During the reporting period, the revenues of the group of organizations of KAMAZ PJSC amounted to 186 billion 196 million rubles, which is 19% more than in 2017. The result was a net profit of 1 billion 588 million rubles.

In total, 38,382 vehicles were produced and sold in 2018, including 8,858 new models, which is 62% more compared to 2017 figures. At the same time, 5,698 vehicles were exported, which is 13% more than in 2017. KAMAZ's share of the Russian heavy truck market was 41%.

The export of automobiles, assembly kits for parts and spare parts of KAMAZ was carried out in more than 50 countries of the CIS, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. At the end of 2018, Central Asia and Kazakhstan were the main export markets.

In 2018, the total investment amounted to more than 15 billion rubles. The company continued to implement the main investment project “Development of the model range of KAMAZ vehicles and modernization of capacities for its production”. As part of the project, preparations were under way for the launch of a new generation of K5 cars on the market, which would be one of the landmark results of the investment program. To achieve this goal, the company radically changes both the approaches to the production process and all the main production sites.

In 2019, KAMAZ will launch the first model from the K5 generation car line: the main tractor will be KAMAZ-54901. Also among the tasks for the year are the development of sales of gas engine equipment and the serial production of KAMAZ trucks of the K4 generation running on liquefied natural gas, test operation of robotic vehicles with autonomous and remote control, and the development of a second generation electric bus.

In addition, preparations will begin for the production of parts for the new family of heavy cars of the K5 generation. The first will be a KAMAZ-6595 dump truck, which is planned to be introduced to the market at the end of 2020.

The Shareholders Meeting elected the new composition of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission of KAMAZ PJSC and made a decision on the distribution of the KAMAZ PJSC profits according to the results of 2018.

The final results of voting on all issues on the agenda of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be published on the Interfax news line and on the official website of KAMAZ PJSC within the time limits stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Problem issues of municipal property management were discussed at a regular meeting by members of the Public Council under the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan together with the heads of the Chambers of Property and Land Relations (Administration) of Naberezhnye Chelny, Vysokogorsky, Laishevsky, Arsky municipal districts. It was proposed to develop joint approaches to solving a number of problems in bidding, in particular, in developing selection criteria, obtaining technical conditions for connecting (technological connection) of facilities to engineering networks, etc. Also, proposals for monitoring real estate prices, land plots and rental rates will be taken into account. One of the problems of the chambers of land and property relations is the lack of a single, adequate in cost and quality, software activities. Representatives of the Ministry drew attention to the mandatory transition from July 1 of the current year to electronic trading. Council member, executive director of the Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan Oleg Bulgakov expressed the opinion that it is necessary to more effectively use the organization’s expert potential by municipal authorities. All the questions posed are supposed to be reflected in the protocol for further elaboration by the ministry.

The head of the department of methodology and the formation of municipal property relations of the Legal Department of the Ministry Inna Evchenko told about the peculiarities of the new edition of the Regulation on the Public Council under the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Chairman of the Public Council Rashid Abashev spoke about the results of the activities carried out to implement the functions of public control in the area of the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Darya Protsenko (official for the prevention of corruption and other offenses of the Ministry) reported on the implementation of the departmental anti-corruption program (the State program “Implementation of the anti-corruption policy of the Republic of Tatarstan for 2015–2021”).

The Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan was also represented at the meeting and actively participated in the discussion by the Deputy Minister Edward Diyarov, heads of the structural units of the Ministry.

Topical issues of appraisal activity, interaction of the state, as a customer, with the business community were considered during a practical lesson conducted by the head of the Ministry’s evaluation department Larisa Shvetsova and Executive Director of the Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan Oleg Bulgakov. The representative of the Committee on Interaction with Union Authorities Regina Nureeva took part in the discussion.

   For the participants, an internship was organized by the Master Class “Practice of Appraisal Activity”. It was conducted by the head of the regional branch of the Russian Society of Appraisers “Society of Appraisers of Tatarstan”, co-chairman of the Expert Advisory Council of the NP Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan Dmitry Zakhmatov.

      During the master class, the lecturer focused on general, structural, technical and special criteria for the selection of appraisers, property responsibility, including those planned for transactions with state and municipal property, conducted a detailed analysis of the assessment task. In particular, practical advice was given to ensure a fair and high-quality assessment both at the stage of the formation of the draft terms of reference and at the express analysis of the report. Presentation of the speech is available on the website of

   At the end of the meeting, the participants expressed the view that it was necessary to widely popularize the practical skills obtained.

June 2019

On June 27, 2019 Minister Azat Khamaev opened the next, fourth, internship of municipal employees in the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan under the program “Organization of management of municipal property and land resources at the disposal of municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan” Addressing the interns, he stressed that one of the main advantages of the internship is the possibility of receiving answers to complex questions arising in the practical activities of municipalities directly from the ministry’s specialists and invited professionals in specific areas of land and property relations. The director of the Higher School of State and Municipal Administration of KFU, Igor Privalov, said that the Ministry’s internship site was one of the first and successfully operating in the Republic of Tatarstan. He also wished the interns to actively ask questions and pay special attention to the issues of territorial planning.

The internship program includes all the main activities of local governments in the field of land and property relations. The internship will take place within two days.

As of 06.26.2019, according to the applications received from large families for receiving land plots, decisions to include in the lists of 51,999 applicants, including 12,636 for the city of Kazan, for the city of Naberezhniye Chelny - 6,706 applicants were made.

According to the specialists of the Land Resources Management Department of the Ministry, in the Republic of Tatarstan, 38,916 land plots were cadastral registered in the Republic of Tatarstan, taking into account the city of Kazan and Naberezhniye Chelny. In Kazan, 7 234 land plots have been put on cadastral registration, in Naberezhniye Chelny - 2 622 land plots.

In total in municipal districts of the Republic of Tatarstan, families with three or more children in Kazan and the city of Naberezhniye Chelny, provided in the common shared ownership of 33,668 plots of land.

The annual general meeting of shareholders of JSC “Network Company” took place on June 26, 2019; Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan A.V.Pesoshin took part in the event.

The General Meeting of Shareholders reviewed the main results of the Company's financial and business operations for 2018, approved the annual report and annual accounting (financial) statements for 2018. The shareholders of the Company are presented with a report on sustainable development prepared by the Company on international standards GRI Standards, as well as taking into account the international agenda for sustainable development. At the annual general meeting of the Company's shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission were elected, and an auditor was approved to conduct a mandatory annual audit of the Company's financial statements for the 2019 fiscal year.

In the reporting year, the Company successfully completed its tasks - the Company demonstrates steady dynamics in improving the reliability and quality of services rendered, which was achieved through the implementation of innovative projects and the modernization of existing power facilities, including the introduction of intelligent solutions.

The priority tasks of the Company for 2019 remain to ensure uninterrupted power supply to consumers, work to improve the reliability of power supply and transfer the main equipment and distribution networks to new modern technologies.

The company is focused on further improving the reliability and quality of services for the transmission of electricity and technological connection, including through the further introduction and development of innovative design solutions and technologies, such as the development of intelligent electricity metering systems, the improvement of methods and methods of maintenance of power equipment, including performance of work without stress relief, the expansion of the areas of remote customer service.

Another summing up of work with the municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan on hydraulic structures (hereinafter referred to as the HS) owned by them took place in the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Currently, municipalities of the republic have identified 715 hydraulic structures, of which they have been registered in the state cadastre and the property rights of municipalities for 700 HS have been registered (98% of the total). For the remaining 15 facilities, work is being completed on the registration and registration of rights, incl. 2 HS is in the write-off procedure.

In accordance with the Federal Law “On the Safety of Hydraulic Structures,” the owner of the HS and (or) the operating organization shall compile and submit to the authorized federal executive bodies a safety declaration of the hydraulic structure during the operation of the hydraulic structures of class I, II or III.

Registration of the safety declaration of the HS is carried out on the basis of an act of the pre-declaration examination and the Calculation of the possible harm of the HS, which may be caused to life, health of the population and property.

In order to determine the sources of funding for these activities, the Ministry, together with the municipalities, has practically completed the cadastral registration of the HS and the registration of the right of ownership of rural settlements to these facilities. This provides an opportunity for local governments in the formation of local budgets to include the costs for the relevant year for their maintenance and other work. As it is known, according to the law, financing from budgets is possible only when property is entered into the balance of settlements and the property rights of a municipality are registered.

Also, at present, local governments have the opportunity to legally rent or transfer to the gratuitous use of the HS to potential users (legal entities and individuals) for effective use.

The next review of the work on streamlining the HS will take place after summing up the performance of the schedule approved by the Volga Department of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, conducting inspections of structures to clarify the HS for which a pre-declaration inspection and safety declaration is required.

On June 26, 2019, the meeting of the Commission under the Minister of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan to combat corruption, chaired by the Minister of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan Azat Khamaev was held.

At the meeting of the aforementioned Commission, the following issues were reviewed: the results of providing information on income, expenses, property and property obligations of persons replacing civil service posts of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Ministry, and their family members in accordance with the order of the Ministry approving the List of civil service positions of the Republic of Tatarstan , the replacement of which is associated with corruption risks; the results of the assessment of corruption risks arising from the implementation by the Ministry of its functions, and the introduction of clarifications to the lists of civil service posts, the replacement of which is associated with corruption risks; the results of monitoring information about corruption in the activities of officials working in the field of the Ministry, placed in the media, including the Internet, as well as contained in the incoming appeals of citizens and legal entities; the results of the implementation of administrative regulations for the provision of public services to legal entities in the first half of 2019; the results of work on anti-corruption expertise of normative legal acts and draft normative legal acts; issues of compliance with the requirements of the civil service law when entering the civil service and compliance by civil servants with general principles of official conduct, as well as a review prepared by the Office of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan on anti-corruption policy based on the analysis submitted by state authorities and local governments in the Republic Tatarstan information on the implementation of measures to counter corruption a 2018 and a summary report on the state of corruption and the implementation of anti-corruption policies of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2018.

June 2019

On July 25, 2019, the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan holds an open auction for value increase with an open form for submitting proposals for the price for the sale of state property held in electronic form. Building polyclinic number 2 (unused for its intended purpose), purpose: non-residential building, 5-storey (underground floors - 1), a total area of 4,407.7 sq.m., cadastral number 16: 53: 040504: 1839, located on Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsky Municipal District, the city of Nizhnekamsk, Stroiteley Avenue, 10B, and land plot, land category: lands of settlements, with an area of 7,404 square meters, cadastral number 16: 53: 040504: 2002, address: set relative to the landmark located within the boundaries of the site, are put up for sale. The mailing address of the landmark is: Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhnekamsky Municipal District, the city of Nizhnekamsk, Stroiteley Avenue.

The price of the original offer is 33,636,000 (Thirty-three million six hundred thirty-six thousand) rubles 00 kopecks, including VAT.

The minimum bid price (cut-off price) is 16,818,000 (sixteen million eight hundred eighteen thousand) rubles 00 kopecks.

The value of the reduction in the initial price (step down) - 1,681,800.00 (One million six hundred eighty-one thousand eight hundred) rubles 00 kopecks.

The amount of the price increase (auction step) is 336,360.00 (Three hundred thirty-six thousand three hundred sixty) rubles 00 kopecks.

The deadline for applications is July 23, 2019.

Information on trading can be found on the official website of the Russian Federation, on the website of the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan and on the electronic site -

To participate in the sale in electronic form applicants must register on the Electronic platform -

On the organization of the inspection, registration of the application for participation in the auction, more information contact on weekdays from 09.00 to 18.00, on Friday to 16.45 (lunch from 11.45 to 12.30) at the address: Kazan, Vishnevskogo str., 26,

tel. (843) 264-30-81.

Responsible - Prokofieva Elena Alexandrovna.

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