Azat Khamaev took part in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of KAMAZ PJSC

28 June 2019, Friday

Today, on June 28, the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of KAMAZ PJSC was held in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The meeting reviewed the results of the company's activities in 2018. The annual report and annual financial statements of PJSC KAMAZ for 2018, new editions of the company's internal documents were submitted for approval.

During the reporting period, the revenues of the group of organizations of KAMAZ PJSC amounted to 186 billion 196 million rubles, which is 19% more than in 2017. The result was a net profit of 1 billion 588 million rubles.

In total, 38,382 vehicles were produced and sold in 2018, including 8,858 new models, which is 62% more compared to 2017 figures. At the same time, 5,698 vehicles were exported, which is 13% more than in 2017. KAMAZ's share of the Russian heavy truck market was 41%.

The export of automobiles, assembly kits for parts and spare parts of KAMAZ was carried out in more than 50 countries of the CIS, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. At the end of 2018, Central Asia and Kazakhstan were the main export markets.

In 2018, the total investment amounted to more than 15 billion rubles. The company continued to implement the main investment project “Development of the model range of KAMAZ vehicles and modernization of capacities for its production”. As part of the project, preparations were under way for the launch of a new generation of K5 cars on the market, which would be one of the landmark results of the investment program. To achieve this goal, the company radically changes both the approaches to the production process and all the main production sites.

In 2019, KAMAZ will launch the first model from the K5 generation car line: the main tractor will be KAMAZ-54901. Also among the tasks for the year are the development of sales of gas engine equipment and the serial production of KAMAZ trucks of the K4 generation running on liquefied natural gas, test operation of robotic vehicles with autonomous and remote control, and the development of a second generation electric bus.

In addition, preparations will begin for the production of parts for the new family of heavy cars of the K5 generation. The first will be a KAMAZ-6595 dump truck, which is planned to be introduced to the market at the end of 2020.

The Shareholders Meeting elected the new composition of the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission of KAMAZ PJSC and made a decision on the distribution of the KAMAZ PJSC profits according to the results of 2018.

The final results of voting on all issues on the agenda of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be published on the Interfax news line and on the official website of KAMAZ PJSC within the time limits stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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