The meeting of the Expert Advisory Council of NP "Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan"

31 July 2019, Wednesday

Seventeen expert opinions on the appeals of citizens, legal entities, authorities - customers of the assessment were reviewed and approved at the regular meeting of the Expert Advisory Council of the non-commercial partnership "Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan". The main part of the examinations was carried out based on materials sent by the Chambers and the Departments of Land and Property Relations of Nizhnekamsky, Bugulminsky, Nurlatsky, Pestrechinsky, Apastovsky and several other municipal districts of the republic. In addition, expert opinions on the requests of the SEZ "Alabuga", the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tajikistan were approved. The discussion was attended by experts of the main self-regulatory organizations of Russia represented in the Union - Dmitry Zakhmatov, Andrey Lisichkin, Rezida Betretdinova, Marat Suleymanov, Yury Chebotarev, Lyailya Idiatullina. Zulfiya Kamalova presented the evaluation department of the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan.

At a discussion after a meeting of a number of topical issues, Deputy Minister of Land and Property Eduard Diyarov drew the attention of experts to the need to take into account a number of significant factors affecting the value of assessment objects in the districts. Before the end of the year, he proposed to generalize the practice of examinations with conducting training for appraisers and specialists of government authorities - customers in order to improve the quality of assessment.

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