January 2018

In April, 2018 the final of the VIII Republican youth forum «Our Tatarstan» directed to support of youth projects and the ideas will take place. Any young man or team can submit the project on a competition, find adherents and get public and state support.

Within the forum platform «Territory of Elements of the Situational Centers» is created. It assumes participation of young people who structure large volumes of information, carry out the analysis in multidimensional space, reveal steady interrelations, define tendencies and regularities of events by means of modeling of macroeconomic, branch and regional processes, social and political development and national security.

Directions of the platform:

elements of the situational centers and centers of monitoring on transport as the instrument of control and control of pilotless vehicles;

elements of the situational centers within the organization of passenger traffic;

elements of the situational centers in health sector;

elements of the situational centers in public administration;

elements of the situational centers for protection of the population in emergency situations;

information and analytical system of the situational center as system of support of adoption of strategic decisions;

management of production activity of the enterprise;

elements of the situational centers on service of fuel and energy complex;

elements of the situational centers in new and perspective fields of activity.

Young people aged from 14 to 30 years, students of the highest and average special educational institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan, activists of children's and youth public associations of the Republic of Tatarstan can participate in a forum

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