Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan: "Ministry of land and property work very hard this year."

2 February 2016, Tuesday

      Ildar Khalikov took part in a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan.

       Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2015 completely fulfilled its tasks for 2015. This was stated by Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov, speaking at a meeting of the board of the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan on the results of work in 2015 and tasks for 2016.

      Speaking about the challenges faced by the Ministry in the current year, the head of the Government has allocated a number of key areas, including - increasing the efficiency of control over the activity of enterprises with state and municipal participation. This is especially true at the municipal level, stressed the Prime Minister of Tatarstan. He also requested the Ministry to develop a methodology of manage of subsidiaries of such enterprises.

      "Control is on the level of direct companies with state participation, but below it, unfortunately, is often lost," - stated I.Halikov.

      “In addition, it is necessary to increase the responsibility of specialized ministers responsible for the areas of work of enterprises with state participation” - said the Prime Minister of Tatarstan. In particular this applies to enterprises of housing and communal services, he said.

      The next direction in which the Ministry of Land and Property, according to the Premier, has done a great deal of work - is keeping properties.

      Khalikov suggested to transfer the unused facilities located in municipalities and are in the republican property to the property of the municipalities for subsequent sale to private hands. "We are interested that these objects were used. Where it’s possible, - in the municipal order, where it is impossible - we must sell it ", - he said. Khalikov addressed with the sentence to the heads of districts, participated in the board meeting via videoconference: "personally visit these objects, consider the issue together with major investors and partners. This is a good platform for the creation of municipal, private and other technology parks, for other purposes. We have experience in a number of municipalities, especially in the industrial parks. There is an opportunity to attract a variety of funds for programs that are on the line of the Ministry of Economy."


      The next area that requires gain work, according to the head of Government, - regulation of land relations. The Prime Minister agreed with the proposals of the head of the Ministry Azat Hamaev about the need of economic impact on owners of unused lands. "I draw the attention of the heads of administrations: on your territories such land there, a lot of it", - said Ildar Khalikov. He instructed the Ministry and other relevant departments, heads of municipalities to analyze the situation and identify the full amount of unused land plots in Tatarstan. "We are not talking about thousands of hectares, but of tens, hundreds of thousands of hectares," - said the Prime Minister of Tatarstan.

      "If the order of real estate is largely imposed in recent years, then on land relations is a lot of work," - he added.

      At the board meeting, it was noted that the amount of debt owed to the municipal budgets of the Republic of Tatarstan on leases of property and land has increased in 2015. Commenting on this issue, I.Halikov said: "There should not be any debts on lease payments at all. Either payments should be made, or leases should be terminated and the land and the property should be offered to others. "

       Speaking about the methods of problem of debts on rent payments solution, which total is 671.5 million rubles in the Republic, the Premier stressed: "There must the next order: the court decision, the writ of execution and recovery of the full program. If someone has not submitted a claim in a timely manner, did not provide a judgment, what does this mean? The fact that someone has made it possible for private companies to use public money which should have been received in the budget. It requires a strict discipline."

      Evaluating the results of the Ministry of Land and Property in 2015, Khalikov summed up: "The ministry work very hard in 2015. The tasks that were fulfilled in full, but in the new year it’s facing new challenges. "

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