November 2017

NP «Union of appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan» together with territorial public self-government No. 7 ("the Settlement Vodnikov", Chistopol) in 2015-2016 has realized the project on construction of the sports playground in territorial public self-government. The project is realized with attraction of financial resources of a grant from the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan (operator – Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Tatarstan). Already during implementation of the project and when opening the platform on its base three mass events have been held, work flow was widely lit in media, positive reviews of citizens, the managements of territorial public self-government and the letter of thanks of city administration has deserved. 22 volunteers have been involved in works on arrangement that promoted growth of civil activity. With end of this project there was a need of arrangement culturally – spectacular platform «Brigantine». On its platform events of the next educational institutions, kindergartens, teacher training college, cadet boarding school, the psychology and pedagogical center, sports school Batyr and territorial public self-government are held. The platform, in view of its territorial favor and presence of adults teachers — organizers of games, quizzes, competitions — became the favourite place of stay of the children living in the residential Vodnikov district. Especially many young citizens gather on the platform in summer vacation. Activists of territorial public self-government, teachers of training college and the staff of the Psychology and pedagogical center traditionally organize various games and competitions for children and adults. The Brigantine platform traditionally, from Soviet period, is used and as the open venue of mass actions of residents of the area, So for example, annual celebration of Day of the employee of the sea and river fleet (Day of the river transport worker) was tradition for many generations of river transport workers of Chistopol. For the first time, after the activity termination of the Chistopolsky ship-repair factory in the 90-s, the professional holiday with the invitation of veterans, the best representatives of a profession, honourable fellow countrymen is again solemnly celebrated in the territory of the Settlement Vodnikov thanks to efforts of the management and initiative group of the territorial public self-government, which is created in 2013 The competent commission and experts recognized the application of NP «Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan» for further arrangement of the settlement Vodnikov with allocation of the budgetary joint financing within the project grant of the Cabinet of the Republic of Tatarstan (operator - Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Tatarstan) as socially important.

The project realized on the terms of parity joint financing is directed to repair and replacement of elements of a scene, benches, the model of the sailing vessel and design of the platform. Social activists are ready to make the work a feasible contribution to improvement of the habitat. Arrangement of the platform by forces of partners of the project with involvement of citizens volunteers and the interested organizations (educational, first of all) will be a part of realization and this project, and not only for holidays, but also for daily communication of representatives of various generations.

The social groups demanding support and interaction — veterans of the Great Patriotic War (3), home front workers (72), combat veterans, pensioners and disabled people (713)are presented to territorial public self-government. In structure of territorial public self-government there are representatives of various nationalities (Russian – 56,1%, Tatars – 34,2%, Chuvashs, Mordva, Ukrainians, etc.), various social groups. A certain number of inhabitants is made by migrants and refugees, the contingent of cadet school in the territory of territorial public self-government — orphan children. Social groups aren't united on occupation characteristics, support and promoting of public initiatives, the best traditions of both the place of residence, and each target group is required for development of communications, the atmosphere of trust any more, friendship and cooperation.

For this purpose in territorial public self-government there are all prerequisites, existence of the realized proposals of citizens, initiative groups, further resource support of creation of the general platform of interaction, encouragement of civic activists, activity promoting is necessary. Arrangement of open traditional places of communication, at small investments, assists the solution of the above-stated problems in territorial public self-government and other small settlements. At the same time, considering support of the leaders of the republic and area, volunteers, the project can successfully be duplicated in the republic, and then — in the Russian Federation. The city of Chistopol in the territory of which there is territorial public self-government "Settlement Vodnikov" along with 8 ancient cities of Russia, was included into the federal program "Preservation and Development of the Small Historical Cities and Settlements". Development of the project assumes further the assistance to preservation of historical monuments and cultural values in the territory of the settlement answering the program purpose. The reflection and the literary heritage connected with names of Nikolay Aseev, Anna Akhmatova, Leonid Leonov, Mikhail Maximov, Boris Pasternak, Arseny Tarkovsky, Alexander Fadeyev and Marina Tsvetaeva's who have appeared here in evacuation in days of the Great Patriotic War has to find in further implementation of the project. Their creativity is uniting for various generations and groups. Application of experience of the Kazan "Literary court yards" with involvement of the famous writers and actors is possible here.

November 2017

On November 18, 2017 badminton competitions were held within the Sports contest of public servants of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Center of badminton.

Among 30 teams of the ministries and departments of the republic active part in competitions was taken by the team of the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan as a part of which were: head of legal support of the cadastral relations Ravil Hasanshin, head of department of change of category of lands and inclusion of the land plots in borders of settlements Almaz Mubarakov, head of department of use of the state property Inna Almukova and head of department of economy Ksenia Borzunova.

Execution of the Plan of anti-corruption work of the Ministry of land and property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan is considered at the regular meeting of Public council of the Ministry of land and property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan. Topical issue was taken up by Darya Protsenko - responsible for anti-corruption work in the Ministry of land and property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan. Results of monitoring of public opinion were of particular interest of members of Public council. Members of council, in particular, Artur Mustayev and Asiya Timiryasova which are representatives of Public Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan recommended to conduct additional survey of target groups - public organizations, associations of the businessmen interested in results of management of the state property, to conduct the structural analysis of the addresses coming to the Internet – reception, to create a possibility of interactive contact with citizens in the section of Public council.

On November 16, 2017 the working meeting with participation of representatives of the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan and executive bodies of the government of St. Petersburg has taken place.

Representatives of the Housing Committee, Committee of City Property Management of St. Petersburg, Committee on social policy and Committee on power and engineering support participated in a meeting under the leadership of the vice-chairman of the Housing Committee of St. Petersburg Gashenko Akim Yuryevich.

The representative of the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan has read information on the state of affairs on providing large families of the Republic of Tatarstan with the land plots.

During the meeting experiment of St. Petersburg on granting the land plots to large families and providing sites with infrastructure, issue of land certificates and also on granting measures of social support has been studied.

November 2017

For the purpose of implementation of monitoring of motor transport of Establishment, in particular its parameters of technical condition, fuel usage and routes of the movement trackers «Galileo Sky 5.0» are installed in 5 cars servicing the organization and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republics and Tatarstan for a period of 1 month within the pilot project. In case of positive results of monitoring during approbation and the satisfaction of the stated requirements of the customer the issue of further interaction with developers of system will be resolved.

On November 23, 2017 the action for rendering free legal aid to the population within implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan from 3/22/2010 No. UP-156 "About measures for development of system of rendering legal aid and legal education of the population in the Republic of Tatarstan" and the Law of the Republic of Tatarstan No. 73-ZRT dated 02.11.2012 "About rendering free legal aid to citizens in the Republic of Tatarstan" will take place in the Arsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The leading consultant of department of legal support of the land and property relations – Hanzhina Anna Viktorovna has been involved from the Ministry of land and property.

To attention of applicants for passing a qualification examination in appraisal activity! Examination is held on the basis of Institute of economy and finance (ex. KSFEI) of  Kazan Federal University at the address: Kazan, Butlerov St., 4, audience C405. The central entrance is in the building with columns, pass to the building is carried out according to the admissions received on presentation of the passport and invitation. The appeal is on the floor below. Computers (Excel 2013) and FC Texas II are used.

Information and methodical support for members of the NP «Union of appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan» is carried out by executive directorate of Partnership.

November 2017

The Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan has collected and analysed accounting (financial) reports of municipal unitary enterprises. 178 municipal unitary enterprises from which 126 are acting are registered in the Republic of Tatarstan.

By results of the carried-out analysis of the operating municipal unitary enterprises it is found out that 50% of them are unprofitable, 46% of them have the debt load. Activity of the specified enterprises will be considered at the meeting in the video conferencing mode with the assistance of representatives of municipal districts.

November 2017

On November 13-14 the Forum of the Volga Federal District on public-private partnership in the International information center in the territory of the Village of the Universiade there takes place for the first time in Kazan.

Yesterday, on November 13, the Minister of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan Azat Hamayev, specialists of the ministry participated in an action.

Among key questions of the Forum there are new mechanisms of preproject financing, a role of supranational and regional institutes of development in preparation of projects of public-private partnership.

The Agency of investment development of the Republic of Tatarstan and the National center of public-private partnership with assistance of the Federation Council and the Agency of strategic initiatives act as organizers of the event.


November 2017

On November 9, 2017 the staff of the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan has participated in a working meeting on discussion of a question of legislative ensuring reproduction of fertility of the lands used for farming in the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Issues of strengthening of the state land supervision, for identification of the agricultural purpose and also strengthening of control of inclusion in borders of settlements of especially valuable lands of agricultural purpose which aren't used for purpose of lands were disscussed.

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