May 2018

Yesterday the meeting of certifying commission of the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan on certification of 15 public civil servants on compliance to posts of the public civil service has taken place, besides 3 public civil servants took a qualification examination for the purpose of assignment of a classification rank to him on the basis of assessment of their professional office activity.

       In the general opinion of members of certifying commission all public civil servants well know normative documents and official regulations, answered questions professionally and convincingly.

       By results of unanimous vote of certifying commission, all certified employees correspond to posts, also the corresponding classification ranks will be appropriated to 3 public civil servants.

May 2018

Work on improvement of the territory according to the scheduled plan of the socially oriented project of the Union of appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan "From Territories of Health — to Territories of Good" is continued on the platform «Brigantine» of the territory of self regulatory government No. 7 "The Settlement of Water-transport workers" (Chistopol). Residents of the residential district, staff of the organizations and educational institutions actively participate in this work. The meetings of inhabitants with veterans, deputies, children's holidays take place on the platform.


May 2018

The Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan continues work on control of holding the annual general shareholder meetings in joint-stock companies which stocks are in state ownership of the Republic of Tatarstan and (or) on which the decision on use of the special right ("gold share") is made. This work is carried out for the purpose of ensuring election of representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan to the boards of directors and audit commissions of their societies and also ensuring payment of dividends following the results of 2017 for the state equity stakes.

As of 5/23/2018 it was decided to include 46 428 citizens having many children who apply for the land plot in the list (in Kazan – 11 017, in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny – 6 248 applicants).

According to report of specialists of ministry’s management of land resources 35 791 land plots in the Republic of Tatarstan (including Kazan and the city of Naberezhnye Chelny) is registered in the Real Estate Cadastre.

Total there are 30 603 plots of land provided to large families in common ownership.

The results of works in 2017 have been summed up, but also the Plan of work for the next year have been approved at the annual general meeting of members of Self-regulatory organization "Association of Cadastral Engineers of the Volga Region" in Management of the Federal Registration Service in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The main problems of cadastral engineers, such as passing of acts of coordination of borders of the land plots, execution of boundary and technical plans, procedure of obtaining information on geodetic points for land surveying, work of a private office of the cadastral engineer, control checks of activity of the cadastral engineer, etc. have been touched during the meeting. Within the action everyone could ask questions and receive the qualified answers of specialists of the Federal Registration Service of Tatarstan.


May 2018

On 5/21/2018 heads of rural settlements from several municipal districts of the republic have gathered at once in the village Tanayka. In the village the zone seminar meeting on topical issues of local government took place. The Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Akhmetov, the chairman of the board of municipal units of the Republic of Tatarstan Ekzam Gubaidulin, the deputy head of the office of the President of Tatarstan Ilnur Garipov, the First deputy minister of land and property Artur Galiyev have taken part in work of a meeting.

Work of a seminar has been divided into two parts. Before plenary a meeting, guests have attended the children's fair organized before Tanayskaya high school, have examined an exposition of the museum of the village here and also have attended an agricultural exhibition in the territory of territorial self government "Polyanka".

The big report devoted increases in business activity in Yelabuzhsky municipal district was made by the head of the district Gennady Yemelyanov. As he has reported, for January 1, 2018 there are registered 3450 subjects of small and average business in the area, from them – 1312 are small and medium-sized enterprises, 2138 - individual entrepreneurs. Average number working at these enterprises for 2017 was 8682 people - it is 28% of total number occupied at the enterprises of our area.

Agriculture is of great importance for economy of the Yelabuzhsky municipal district. The agrarian sector occupies the space of 84838 hectares of agricultural lands, including 58460 hectares of an arable land. For today here are 11 large agricultural enterprises, 35 country farms and more than 6 thousand personal subsidiary farms work. Operational performance on livestock production for 2017 has considerably improved. So, the gross of yield of milk has increased by 4% and was 20,3 thousand tons, its realization on processing enterprises – 18,6 thousand tons. Productions of meat has increased by 2% or 2,5 thousand tons, its realization have made 2,2 thousand tons. Number of cattle in agricultural formations of the area have made 10615 heads, including 4000 cows. The livestock of sheep and goats has increased by 16% for 2017. The Yelabuzhsky district was included in the top ten areas on yield of milk from each cow: at a national average indicator of 5450 kg, we have obtained 5675 kg that is the 7th result in the Republic of Tatarstan.

The First deputy minister of land and property Artur Galiyev has acted on topical issues in the sphere of the land and property relations at the municipal level. Much attention has been paid to the questions concerning changes in the land legislation, mobilization of reserves of growth of receipts in local budgets and also questions of territorial planning, expansion of settlements, registrations of property in abeyance, inventory and the maintenance of hydraulic engineering constructions and to some other questions.

On the base of materials of the press service of the Yelabuzhsky municipal district

May 2018

On May, 17-18, 2018 the action for rendering free legal aid to citizens has taken place in the Aktanyshsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan.

62 residents of rural settlements have addressed their questions to the experts for the solution of the vital issues.

The leading consultant of department of protection of property interests of the state of legal department Alexander Paymukhin has been directed from the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Within reception consultation on a being of the questions posed is given.

The commission on write-off of fixed assets and expenses on stopped or (and) to unrealized construction of facilities, owned by the Republic of Tatarstan during the period for January-April, 2018 has held 24 meetings, the applications which have arrived from 328 institutions are considered. From the total number of applications write-off of 2664 morally and physically outdated objects of property, unsuitable to further operation, is authorized,. The greatest number of the written-off objects are in institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The commission on write-off carries out a lot of work on consideration of appeals of public institutions about write-off of the, outdated and unsuitable to further operation vehicles, arriving within the program for optimization of number of vehicles.

May 2018

Today, on May 17, 2018 at 14:00 pm tactical maneuvers on observance of an order of evacuation in case of fire in the office building are conducted in the Ministry of Land and Property. Within the training the center of ignition has been found on the third floor of the building and measures to evacuation of the people who are in the building have been taken.

After the notification has been carried out, employees of the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan have orderly left the building.

Evacuation has taken 4 minutes that speaks about organization and good training of collective. During the tactical maneuvers all employees have followed rules and security measures when carrying out evacuation from multystoried buildings.

Gathering of the evacuated employees occurred as a part of structural divisions behind a barrier, at safe distance from the building.

During the exercise warning systems, alarm systems in the building and readiness of staff for emergency situations have been checked.

May 2018

On May 16, 2018 members of the committee of State Couicil of the Republic of Tatarstan on the state construction and local government under the chairmanship of Albert Khabibulin have discussed the first question the course of implementation of the legislation on local government regarding the organization of funeral services. The vice-chairman of the State Council Rimma Ratnikova has taken part in work of the meeting.

Information on this question was provided by the deputy minister of the land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustem Merzakreev, the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Tatarstan Mukharryam Ibyatov, the deputy executive secretary – the chief of legal management Sergey Stolyarov.

It is about a problem which municipalities and local governments had faced. It is the transfer of the lands allocated under cemeteries from category of agricultural lands to category of industrial lands provided by the legislation. In Tatarstan today in general a little more than 3 thousand cemeteries. From them 1024 cemeteries are located on agricultural lands, on lands of the industry – 17, on lands of settlements – 1 580, on lands of especially protected territories and objects – 37, on lands which category isn't established – 386, on lands of forest fund – 19.

Documents have to be sent to the Ministry of land and property of the Republic of Tatarstan, however today the corresponding petitions have arrived only from five municipal districts of the republic (Buinsky, Novosheshminsky, Cheremshansky, Drozhzhanovsky, Sabinsky municipal districts). However the Cabinet of the Republic of Tatarstan has adopted only two resolutions about change of category of the land plots under cemeteries in Buinsky and Sabinsky municipal districts. Other packages of documents are returned to municipal districts on completion.

To process documents for more than 1 000 land plots (generally it is the lands which aren't registered in state cadastre) it is necessary to carry out, first of all, cadastral works on land surveying, formation and statement on the cadastral registration of the land plots provided under placement of cemeteries; to make changes to documents of territorial planning regarding placement of cemeteries; to make a transfer of category of the land plot to lands of the industry and other special purpose.


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