Deputy Minister of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan

Musin Farit Shagitovich

Musin Farit Shagitovich

Contact information

(843) 221-40-03


Born September 30, 1954, in Leninogorsk in the Republic of Tatarstan.
November 1972 – May 1977: General labourer, fitter on works of manufacturing service of “Leninogorskburneft” DD (Drilling Directorate).
June 1977 – November 1982: Master at ATS (Automatic Telephone Station) of RUS PTCD (Production and Technical Communication Directorate) Leninogorsk of Tatar ASSR, technician at “Yubileynaya” hidrometeostation of hydrometeoservice management of UzSSR, master of management at “Ferganapisheremstroymontazh”.
February 1983 – March 1986: Kindergartener, teacher of Russian language and literature at boarding-school № 2, major assistant of Leninogorsk society “Znanie”.
March 1986 – May 1989: Instructor at Leninogorsk municipal committee.
May 1986 – April 1992: Deputy Chairman of Leninogorsk municipal executive committee.
January 2000 – March 2004: Chairman of State council RT permanent commission on social, children and youth issues.
March 2000 – March 2009: Deputy Chairman of State council RT commission on ecology, nature resources and land usage issues.
July 2009 – August 2009: Chief of Management of property in Ministry of Land and Property Relations RT.
September 2009 – till present: Deputy Minister of Land and Property Relations of the Republic of Tatarstan
Has an honorable rank “Honored worker of people social defence of the Republic of Tatarstan”. Awarded with the medal “In Commemoration of the 1000th Anniversary of Kazan”.

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