Assessors quality improvement - a common problem

12 December 2014, Friday

     At the next meeting of the Committee on education and professional development of NP "Appraisers Union of RT" on December 10, 2014, considered professional public accreditation of educational programs and training programs of appraisers due to changing legal and regulatory framework, economic conditions in the markets associated with the assessment of employers and valuation services consumers requirements. The meeting was attended by the Committee chairman, a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the SRO RSA Tanzilya Udod (LLC "EXCO Center "Appraiser"), Committee members - head of anticrisis management and valuation activities of the KFU Development Institute of territories, economy and finance Nailya Yakupova, head of inventory, assessment and forensic department of IEML Nelia Muhamethanova and applicants - accredited organizations.

     Participants noted the need to increase self-sufficiency in the diploma work, monitoring their compliance with the new legislation, methods and practices of assessment, report, including recommendations of developed federal valuation standards, increasing the qualification requirements for teachers etc. The last question was offered to bring to the discussion of the Partnership Board to prepare the proposals to the Russian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Development and Rosreestr.

      Participants stressed the need for further development of constructive employers cooperation - appraisal organizations with basic institutions of higher education - educational partners of the Appraisers Union of RT, a leading consolidator and methodological role of Kazan Federal University and the evaluation department in this process. Considered possible joint activities of the department, the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of the Republic, other relevant agencies and Partnership in this direction, including the internship, grant programs, participation in the public order, training of consultants on property management, MFC and authorities, joint projects and other.

     Besides, following the meeting, the Committee's decision on the accreditation of educational programs for appraisers of private institution of further education "Komfest-" sent for Partnership’s Board approval.

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