Training of qualified personnel - our answer to the crisis

10 April 2015, Friday

In difficult economic times, according to the educational strategy of nonprofit partnership "Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan", higher education institutions - members of the Partnership - provides training in one of the most sought-after public professions – profession of appraiser.

Along with the main groups of occupations and advanced training of appraisers University of Management "TISBI" - member of the Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan - began training specialists aimed to re-employment services. Most of them have engineering education and extensive practical experience (pictured), which makes it essential priorities in the development of new specialty, and in subsequent employment.

Close link between education and implement best practices assessment teachers - managers and employees - members of the Partnership. They not only tell about the methodology and innovations appraisal activity, but also act curators diploma works, manufacturing practices, promote employment of the best listeners.

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