Fanil Agliullin held a meeting on the registration of land plots under cemeteries

26 February 2021, Friday

The videoconference under the chairmanship of the Minister of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan Fanil Agliullin, was held on the issue of registration of land plots under cemeteries owned by individuals, including shared land. The meeting was attended by the chairmen of the chambers of land and property relations of the municipal regions of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In the Republic of Tatarstan, 3,672 cemeteries have been identified, which are located on 4,230 sites. To date, 3,337 cemeteries have been formalized, 335 are not formalized. For land plots under cemeteries: 3,869 land plots have been registered, 361 plots remain unregistered, of which 53 are owned by individuals, including on share lands located on territory of 19 districts.

During the meeting, problematic issues related to cadastral registration and reaching an agreement with land owners were considered.

The work on registration of land plots under the cemeteries continues.

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