Employees of the Ministry of Land Property of the Republic of Ta-tarstan have been vaccinated once again

6 July 2021, Tuesday

Today, employees of the Ministry of Land and Property of the Republic of Tatarstan, subordinate institutions, as well as veterans of the Ministry have once again been vaccinated with Sputnik V in order to prevent coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Sputnik V is a two-phase vaccine that must be given twice 21 days apart.

If in the period between the two phases symptoms of COVID-19 appear, the vaccination will have to be interrupted, therefore it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations given by the doctors before being vaccinated.

Also, before the vaccination procedure, a questionnaire is filled out, where you must indicate all your chronic diseases.

Antibodies to coronavirus appear two weeks after the second vaccination.

Most staff today have received only the first component of the Sputnik V vaccine. The receipt of the second component is scheduled for July 27 this year.

Vaccination is the most effective way to protect against infectious diseases. In December, this preventive measure became available against coronavirus infection. Experts are confident that vaccination of at least 70% of the population will create herd immunity and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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