Regular meeting of the NP "Appraisers Union of the Republic of Tatarstan"

29 April 2014, Tuesday

     At the regular meeting of the Board of NP "Appraisers Union of the Republic of Tatarstan" a number of issues important for the whole appraisal community was discussed.

      The ranks of the Partnership, on the consideration of the submitted documents, accepted LLC "Art Expert", which successfully established itself in the assessment market.

      Speech of the Partnership Board Member, Director of Appraisal Company "EXCO-Center "Appraiser" Tanzila Udod was devoted to the Committee activity on education and professional development of Partnership members, in particular professional public accreditation procedures of educational programs for appraisers. The discussion was attended by Committee members on education and skills development, and representatives of higher education institutions that train appraisers - Naila Yakupova, Gulnaz Dmitrieva, Larissa Yong, Nelia Muhamethanova. In that context, the Board accepted for consideration the accreditation request of training center "Komfest". Head of the Department of anti-crisis management and assessment activity of the Institute of Economics and Finance K(V)FU Naila Yakupova talked about the assessors training in the Kazan Federal University, announced the holding of the next qualifying exam on May 26, 2014.

     The Chairman of the Committee on tariff policy, the executive director of an innovative company "Business Assistance" Igor Karasev presented the monitoring and analysis results. Speaker, expressing the general opinion, highlighted the importance of establishing, on the basis of various SROs approved tariffs, the generalized price list for valuation services, which could prevent unfair competition, contribute to obtaining accurate information in the procedures implementation defined by the legislation on the contract system in public procurement. During the discussion, Yury Chebotarev – the Head of assessment department RGUP "BTI" - stressed the need for jointly counter to dumping, reducing the assessments quality, including informing the relevant authorities.

  Dmitry Zahmatov (Society of Appraisers of Tatarstan) and Marat Suleymanov (LLC "AUDEX") talked about the organization of the Expert Advisory Board. Decided to develop a Regulation of the Council activity and its legal expertise.

   Presentation of Stanislav Antonov - Dean of the Faculty of Management and Engineering Business IEML devoted to evaluation certification, quality management.

    Board members examined and supported the message from the head of the RAC Bashkir Department Stepan Sarbashev concerning changes in the legislation on appraisal activity.

    In conclusion, the President of the Union of Appraisers RT Lisichkin Andrew and Board Member - Deputy Minister of Land and Property Relations Farid Musin carried into consideration the issues for discussion with the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Partnership - First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Yuri Kamaltynov.

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