Board Meeting of NP "Appraisers Union of Republic of Tatarstan" - interaction issues

27 June 2014, Friday

       At a regular Board meeting of the non-profit partnership "Appraisers Union of Republic of Tatarstan" on June 27, 2014 discussed the activity of the Partnership Committees, the quality improvement of the training and appraisers responsibility, unfair competition countering, cooperation with municipalities, law enforcement agencies and relevant organizations.

       Significant step in the expansion and development of business structures cooperation for the development of a single legal, commercial and informational space was the concluded at the meeting Agreement on Cooperation of NP "Appraisers Union of Republic of Tatarstan" and NGO "Insurers Union of Tatarstan".

       After the discussion of received applications, the new members - LLC «Region-Expert» and «Agat-NK», accepted the ranks of the Partnership.

       Discussing the interaction with municipalities of the Executive Directorate of the Partnership, based on received from the executive authorities of municipalities offers, was requested to ensure implementation of the activities of the Partnership in the municipalities with the involvement of all Partnership members and honest appraisers, including consulting, expert and methodological support, balancing the interests of business and the state, and the required level of valuation services provision. Expert Advisory Board of the Partnership is requested to include in the upcoming events plan and ensure the implementation of the most urgent disputes in municipalities related to valuation activity.

       Necessary suggestions will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Partnership, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Yuri Kamaltynov and made ​​for consideration by municipalities of RT.

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