Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan

15 April 2015, Wednesday

At the meeting of the Expert Advisory Board of noncommercial partnership "Union of Appraisers of the Republic of Tatarstan" were considered treatment entrepreneurs, citizens and authorities on disputable situations in the field of assessment and land and property relations.

In particular, with an invitation to the head of the evaluation of the organization was considered the complaint of individual entrepreneur Sagitov R.E. about valuation and examination of the validity of the establishment of fees for use of an easement in the central part of Kazan. In the decision, Council members gave a reasonable assessment of the documents submitted and expressed their professional opinion on the direction of the applied examination and evaluation as regulated by various special laws. Experts Partnership also confirmed the possibility of performing a special expertise in the direction of the relevant request from the court.

Next, consider appeals of the Ministry of land and property of theRepublic of Tatarstan on the validity of the market value of the land located in Bavlinsky municipal district. Submitted documents were identified by Expert Advisory Council as contradictory and do not meet the requirements of a large part of the legislation on appraisal activity both in terms of market value, and on the formal requirements to the evaluation report. Relevant recommendations are directed to the applicant to bring to the attention of the evaluation of the organization and the Chamber of land and property relations.

Expert Consulting Partnership Council also considered the appeal of the Commissioner under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs on the complaint of the head of peasant farm Gilmutdinova R.Z. on the actions of the executive authorities of Vysokogorsky municipal district in the provision of land, particularly on market valuation. In the professional opinion indicated that the main part of the questions arose due to delays in clarifying the existing mechanisms and algorithms to provide land for the conduct of peasant farming in the pretrial order and is ready to perform the requested market valuation by the organizations - members of the Partnership in accordance with the Federal Law "On appraisal activity ". Given the fact that the complaint farmer-entrepreneur contained questions on the validity of claims authorities estimate the market value of the land, the request sent to profile structure for the clarification on the methodological nature of the complaint.

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