The Fund has completed the work on systematizing and entering the received spatial information

29 July 2020, Wednesday

More than 200 cases have been entered into the Spatial Data Fund, which in turn consist of maps of various scales, topographic plans, orthomosaics, vector schemes. Data is stored in two forms: analog (paper) and digital. The total amount of digital-only data available is 16.5 TB.

To date, the Fund continues to be filled with information for 2020. Recall, on the basis of clause 5 of Appendix No. 2 to the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation dated 07.11.2017 No. 603, the transfer of spatial data and materials by the state authorities of the republic or their subordinate institutions for inclusion in the Fund is carried out within 14 calendar days from the date of adoption from executor of the results of work under a government contract. Below is a complete list of spatial data for inclusion in the Foundation.

The materials received are already being used in the work of the institution. Based on orthophotomaps, work is being carried out to establish the border of the Republic of Tatarstan and the municipal districts of the republic, using information about subsoil users and orthophotomaps for land assessment, master plans of rural settlements are being developed, based on information on cadastral division, rules for land use and development are developed.

List of spatial data for inclusion in the Foundation:

Technical reports, catalogs of coordinates and heights and other materials;

Primary and derivative materials and data of remote sensing of the Earth (aerial photography and satellite imagery) for the purpose of providing geodetic and cartographic activities;

Materials and data of geodynamic research based on geodetic, gravimetric and space measurements;

Technical reports on topographic surveys, including surface water bodies;

Originals and copies of state topographic maps, including surface water bodies, settlement plans, digital topographic maps and plans of various scales;

Originals of general geographic, political and administrative, scientific reference and other thematic maps, and atlases of national and inter-sectoral purposes, educational cartographic manuals;

Projects of atlases and other fundamental cartographic works;

Duty (reference) topographic maps with documentation, including materials on the establishment and change of the administrative boundaries of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;

Catalog of geographical names, dictionaries and reference books of names of geographical objects on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan;

Materials and data for the creation of regional geographic information systems;

Programs, scientific and technical reports and documentation in the field of geodesy and cartography;

Regulatory and technical documents in the field of geodetic and cartographic activities.

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